The 5 Most Paused Movies Moments Of All Time

Most of the times what happens the most is people prefer watching a movie in theatres as they feel like watching a movie in theatres is worth of watching. But sometimes there are so many moments in the movie people go flattered on and they want to watch it many times but as the theatre will never going to reverse the movie a few seconds back. So it’s better to watch a movie in the personal home theatre where you can reverse the movie any number of times.

Here we have brought you a list of the most paused movies. Let’s see how many movies are there in the list of most paused movies.

Basic Instinct (1992) – Sharon Stone’s sitting having her leg crossed.

The first movie to be on the top of the list in the list of most paused movies is this. This movie is one of the movies that made people hit the pause button on every minute of the movie, as the movie contains so many scenes, a person desires to watch it. Sharon Stone who played the lead role raised the hotness level to the extent not in the interrogation room but also in all the rooms. Her pose in which she was sat crossing her legs gone viral and that too out of the expectation level. Everyone must have paused on that scene to watch and observe the perfect figure of Sharon Stone. Every time a person watch this movie, he gets no control over him. After that he cannot help himself rather he rewinds the movie and watches the scene to the number of times till he is ready to watch the further movie. Without any doubt, it can easily examine that it is one of the most rated movies and of course one of the most paused movies. So because this movie has created a milestone in the history of most paused movies, we have kept it on the top of the list.

The Seven Year Itch (1955) – Marilyn Monroe’s blowing attire.

It is quite obvious and everyone must be aware of it if he has watched this movie that why this particular scene got so much high virality. What the scene contained? Well, it comes from one of the widely moments. More than anything else Marilyn Monroe’s left a watermark on every person mind. It is again one of the most paused movies. This scene once became a poster which was thoroughly used by the businessman for their business purposes. As in this scene, people see Marilyn Monroe’s with a beautiful dress, in the scene her skirt was blowing and she was unable to have control over it, as it seems to be little heavy. So many people tried to pause the movie at the perfect time but they failed too. Only few could do it, they too succeeded after so many tries. And it is never going to be possible that a scene contains the most beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe’s and is never paused. There were also so many scenes that made this movie one of the most paused movies. Probably, this scene came out as the ironic moment of the movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – Entry of an unexpected fly


There is a very famous franchise “Indian Jones”, everyone must have heard its name. The movie from their production is also considered as one of the most paused movies. This movie has so many unforgettable scenes, If a person watches this movie, he gets no control over him. I can surely assure that if a person watches this movie, one more time he will watch this movie since this movie has so many unexpected scenes. Any person will never get bored of watching this movie. One of the famous scenes that gone viral and rated as the most paused scene of the most paused movie is when as like the enemy Dr. Belloq, is speaking some of the dialogues and just then an unexpected fly appears and lands on his mouth. A few times later suddenly the fly seems to be disappeared when it reached near the edge of his lips, as it was probably been exhausted by only the villain himself. Although actor Paul didn’t lose his temper and which created history and was unremarkable.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – Phoebe Cates opens up her red bikini

Next comes the again iconic scene that created history in the movies and made itself one of the most paused movies. Let see which scene was the reason behind its alternative title i.e most paused the movie.
Words can never be enough to describe the sensationalism of the scene, In fact, according to me if we try to describe the beautiful adventure it would be movie’s insult and writer’s intelligence’s insult. This scene was one of the most paused scenes as this scene completely left everyone shocked to the extent level and made everyone to hold his breath. The actress Phoebe Cates seems to play the crucial role in this movie. Everyone loses his control on seeing her in the red bikini. In this scene, she seems to come out of the pool in the red bikini, the color of her bikini adds some extra hotness to her. She opens up the hooks of her bikini from the middle and this is the point where this scene was most paused. The person who has watched this movie never ever going to forget the moment for sure.

– Margot Robbie’s seducing DiCaprio


This movie became one of the most paused movies because of the seductive appeal scenes that require being paused so many times. Again this movie also contains so many scenes that need to be paused again but the one scene that left everyone open mouth is when Margot Robbie is sitting on the floor is all set ready to seduce Di Caprio in an entire way. Everyone’s feelings to get seduced by such a hot lady arises. They both were used to be considered as the divas of their times. Also no doubt they have played the scene very beautifully. “The Wolf of wall street” went viral because of the seductive dialogues that seem to be delivered between the Margot Robbie and Dicaprio, where she tried to pull him towards her. This movie is a complete package of such scenes where you forget everything but want to watch this movie to the multiple times.
The beauty and her hot figure add some extra hotness level to the seductive scene.

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