The 5 Most Paused Movies Moments Of All Time

Most of the times what happens the most is people prefer watching a movie in theatres as they feel like watching a movie in theatres is worth of watching. But sometimes there are so many moments in the movie people go flattered on and they want to watch it many times but as the theatre will never going to reverse the movie a few seconds back. So it’s better to watch a movie in the personal home theatre where you can reverse the movie any number of times.

Here we have brought you a list of the most paused movies. Let’s see how many movies are there in the list of most paused movies.

Basic Instinct (1992) – Sharon Stone’s sitting having her leg crossed.

The first movie to be on the top of the list in the list of most paused movies is this. This movie is one of the movies that made people hit the pause button on every minute of the movie, as the movie contains so many scenes, a person desires to watch it. Sharon Stone who played the lead role raised the hotness level to the extent not in the interrogation room but also in all the rooms. Her pose in which she was sat crossing her legs gone viral and that too out of the expectation level. Everyone must have paused on that scene to watch and observe the perfect figure of Sharon Stone. Every time a person watch this movie, he gets no control over him. After that he cannot help himself rather he rewinds the movie and watches the scene to the number of times till he is ready to watch the further movie. Without any doubt, it can easily examine that it is one of the most rated movies and of course one of the most paused movies. So because this movie has created a milestone in the history of most paused movies, we have kept it on the top of the list.

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