6 Secrets Men Don’t Want To Tell Her Girlfriend

5. Zero tolerance power

Young man clenching his teeth, pulling his hair, suffering from stress


Though guys shows that they can control their anger but that is the only case with 5% guys rest 95% doesn’t have any tolerance power. Guys think globally hence they can’t tolerate when someone comes to them make them notice every small stuff exist in world. They get irritated and frustrated at very initial stage if conversation is not happening in their favor.

6. Financial problems.


Guys doesn’t share their financial problems with family because they don’t want to stress them out. Guys doesn’t share their financial problems with girlfriend/wife as they feel that their image would change in front of them. They don’t share it with friends too as world is full of nasty people and one never know when and who will turn into foe and will take advantages of your secrets.

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