6 Secrets Men Don’t Want To Tell Her Girlfriend

3. Fear factor and insecurities


What if guy is afraid of height. its not a big deal. But guys doesn’t like to open up about their fear factor as they don’t want anyone to make fun of his fear and consider him weak as such things hurt the male ego. He obviously can’t compromise with his ‘hero’ image in society.
Guys also have some insecurities, jealousy but they never open up. They don’t like to reveal their weak points which will them feel vulnerable though they expect emotional support to overcome such issues.

4. They need moments of doing nothing


Though your guy is very much punctual about things but they are always in a search ‘doing nothing’ moments where they can just crawl in bed or do casual hangout with friends. If you ever get a chance to peep inside boys hostel then you will get to know that what is the actual meaning of ‘moments of doing nothing’. Men can be purely ‘himself’ when they are in their bedroom with boxer on and digging head in pillow.

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