11 Common Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

1. over make-up

overdose of anything is harmful for health. men do like hot, attractive chicks however they hate over makeup. boys like transparency whether it’s miles in communique or beauty. if man simply love you they will be given you with all of your flaws and will anticipate equal. because this outer splendor received’t final for lifetime. what matters is connection and compatibility.

2. over confidence

according to guys psychology, they don’t like over assured ladies. women who’re over assured approximately the whole lot are regularly smug and dominant ones. such women feel that nobody stand up-to her. such self assurance often lead to plenty of struggle in a courting.

three. dull

properly you need to conform to this truth that men existence begins and ends with black and white shirts. ladies commonly upload shade to it. guys like girl who have ability to perform precise verbal exchange with them. a sort of lady with whom they can open up and talk approximately some thing, every time with none hesitation of being judged. men don’t like ladies who are incapable of wearing true verbal exchange, i.e in different phrases guys don’t like dull women.


4. terrible hyginethis is going for both men and women. might you like to head on a date with a sweaty stinky partner? manifestly no. for this reason non-public hygiene is need to, whether or not you are relationship someone or no longer.

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Fact Of A Boyfriend Life Which He Never Discuss To Their Partners

Boyfriend Life It is been said that ‘Women’s heart is a deep ocean of secret’ but boys are no less. Girlfriends usually have a misconception that they each and everything about their boyfriend, from the brand of underwear they wear to allergies, likes dislikes. But all the girlfriends out there today you gonna explore the 17 secrets of Boyfriends life which you will never know unless you ask them.

1. Ex-girlfriends

Girls usually open up about their past in no time without even asking but boys don’t. If you don’t ask them they won’t. Girls open up about their past so that their man won’t get offended if they hear something about their girl from someone else whereas in case of guys, they don’t talk about their ex-girlfriend unless you ask them because obviously some ‘shitty things happened’ that is why she is called ‘Ex-girlfriend/girlfriends’ and they surely don’t have anything to re-cherish it.

2. Getting SickGuys usually doesn’t share about their health issue with their girlfriend because they know girls do get little panic attacks when they hear ‘her man is not well’. Hence guys don’t share about their sickness with their girlfriend so that their girl don’t have any stress.

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