Different Types Of Kisses In The World!

1. The French KissThis kiss involves lots of playing with tongue. Such kisses are full of emotion, passion and love. It is usually a ‘go with the flow’ kiss. During this kiss heart beats at higher rate as this kiss also involve lot of energy due to involvement of passion.

2. The Forehead KissA forehead kiss is considered as a symbol of ‘Respect’. It is a very sweet gesture by men to tell their women how important they are in their live and what they respect them for that.

3. Kiss on the HandGenerally such kisses are practiced while guy go to propose their girl where they go on knees and takes her hand in his and ask her `’If she’ll be his girlfriend’ or ‘If she’ll marry him’. If girl’s answer is in ‘Yes’ guy kisses her hand in reply.

4. Single Lip KissIts more like sandwiching each others lips. Holding on to one lips. Such kiss show the emotions of never letting go!

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