These 12 Tips Will Help You Tell The Difference Between Love & Lust

Love & Lust

Are you in love or is this lust? Sometimes it is difficult to say because both emotions look really good. And both of them make a connection with your partner who feels exciting and enjoyable. But for all their similarities, they certainly are not the same. When it comes to lust vs. love, then you should know some things.

It is important to know the difference, especially at the beginning of relations. It is easy to get caught in the main emotions of a new love interest, and mistake your initial feelings of lust for love. Want to know how to tell the difference?

Here are 12 things that help you tell if it’s lust vs love:

1.How Perfect You Think about Your Partner is.

If you are in lust: you feel that your partner is right. You feel that there is nothing wrong with them. Everything about them is bright, bright, and new. They can not really do anything wrong in your eyes because the pedestals you give them are huge.

If you know you are in love: you know that your partner is not right – and you choose to love them and choose to live with them anyway. In fact, this is your partner’s imperfections which you like most. You know that you are not right, so you value the flaws of your partner and welcome it.


If you are in lust: You prepare your sweetie every time because you have a huge physical attraction for each other. You are confused with seeing them as best because you still feel that you need to impress and woo them.

If you are in love: you wear sweatpants and no make-up You do not care how you look in front of your partner because you know that they like you real and care-whether you are wearing a bold lips or a wet cream. The level of comfort with each other is strong.


3. How often do things other than having s3x.

If you are in lust: you spend most of your time on bed. You have an extremely addictive habit of having s3x always, but it is not necessary to connect with other ways. Chances are you do not talk too much in pillow and you may not even be disturbed.

If you are in love: You have s3x, but this is not everything. You want to connect with each other in other ways, like trying to get together new hobbies and activities. Maybe you do not have s3x for a few days or weeks and you are not worried about it because you know that life happens and your relationship is not about s3x anyway.


If you are in love: you talk about anything else, including deep emotions, for hours. You care and respect how your partner feels about the world as well as their attitude. Both of you feel motivated to support each other and become better ones for each other.

If you are in lust: you like to live fantasy. This can mean spending time in hotel rooms and joining in s3xting and superficial chats, but you do not want to discuss any feelings for real feelings or future.

5.Challenge each other.

If you are in lust: you are so excited with this person that you ignore things that actually bug you with red flags. You do not like how they handle the money or how they talk to the server at dinner, but you ignore it because you do not want to rock the boat. You just want to keep things good

If you are in love: If you do not feel like what your partner said or did, then call them lovingly. You know that a solid relationship requires honest and open communication, and because you want your partner to be the best, you want to offer constructive criticism to help


If you are in lust: lusting, the functions of close-up are not present. Bitter feeling just feels like dealing with some dead weight and you will ask yourself, “Why are not we still not having s3x with each other?”

If you are in love: When love happens, even the smallest of things can be intimate and stimulus. In a soft bed it should not be hot lingerie. There are work like bitterness, even talking can be intimate and complete, because it is inspired by your innate feelings of love.


If you are in lust: Lusting someone, the fire that burns after some time dies and stability is also there. Whatever is left is a chaos, drama and confusion, which two people have reached.

If you are in love: Real love is about communication and commitment that is full of the real desire to share your life with anyone. Your whole day revolves around real happiness which you feel while loving.


If you are in lust: In lust, there is no understanding of friendship, there is only materialistic unity that comes to understand when it dies with sensory fire. You do not want to hang with someone with whom you have no chemicals

If you are in love: Anyone you love is your best friend. The most pure friendship you can ever experience comes from the love shared by you. Bandhan, sharing, stupidity, all come when your emotions come true and you become crazy in love with someone.

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If you are in lust: When you are Lusting, you want to be the center of your gestures. The more good the better. The greater the gesture, the partner will be affected. And they are all people who are in relation to lust, really want.

If you are in love: In love, the gestures are slightly personal and intimate. Because that which does not matter is not that you are doing it, but you are doing it. Focus is on the spirit and there is no desire to fulfill anything. Love is powerful enough to guide you through it and you rarely need anything else.


If you are in lust: There is a more calculated sense towards lust. You do not go crazy for anyone. And, if you do, then there is no one to calm you down and reduce your insecurity. Because you do not have any assurance from the other person, so you are not troubled by expressing your restlessness towards the other person

If you are in love: Love makes you feel so jealous that you do not even know what to do. Love makes you really insecure and crazy. When you love someone, there is nothing balanced, and you can not even expect yourself. Therefore, if there is any shock to stop your partner, you will go crazy.


If you are in lust: The Lusting for someone makes the relationship very superficial. Your constant need to influence the person feels insecure and there is a risk of making decisions. Instead, you hide things from them which later, give birth to their own issues.


If you are in love: When you love someone, you share the biggest problems with your best half because you are unable to hide something from them. They feel secure enough to share these problems in the first place.


If you are in lust: On the basis of lust, relationships are completely under the circumstances because lust has been absorbed in satisfaction without worrying for anything else. You can easily sleep with someone other than your partner and can not feel the anguish of regret, but if you cheat someone who you like, you will be filled with regret and regret.

If you are in love: Love is unconditional. Anyone who has ever been in love can prove it. When you love, you become crazy and feel the number of feelings, some of them do not even have a name. And none of these feelings are based on any kind of situations. They do not come and go, instead, are stationary Love & Lust.

Lust vs. love is difficult to differentiate first, but the biggest difference between the power of living is two. Lust is about the present moment. The attention you get is fun, and butterflies Finally, lust fades. Sometimes it gets trapped in breakdown, and for the second time, it can turn into love. Love is all about the present moment and future as well. It wants to keep this person thick and thin, and at the same time experiencing the journey together in his favour Love & Lust.

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