These 12 Tips Will Help You Tell The Difference Between Love & Lust



If you are in lust: lusting, the functions of close-up are not present. Bitter feeling just feels like dealing with some dead weight and you will ask yourself, “Why are not we still not having s3x with each other?”

If you are in love: When love happens, even the smallest of things can be intimate and stimulus. In a soft bed it should not be hot lingerie. There are work like bitterness, even talking can be intimate and complete, because it is inspired by your innate feelings of love.


If you are in lust: Lusting someone, the fire that burns after some time dies and stability is also there. Whatever is left is a chaos, drama and confusion, which two people have reached.

If you are in love: Real love is about communication and commitment that is full of the real desire to share your life with anyone. Your whole day revolves around real happiness which you feel while loving.


If you are in lust: In lust, there is no understanding of friendship, there is only materialistic unity that comes to understand when it dies with sensory fire. You do not want to hang with someone with whom you have no chemicals

If you are in love: Anyone you love is your best friend. The most pure friendship you can ever experience comes from the love shared by you. Bandhan, sharing, stupidity, all come when your emotions come true and you become crazy in love with someone.

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