These 12 Tips Will Help You Tell The Difference Between Love & Lust

Love & Lust

Are you in love or is this lust? Sometimes it is difficult to say because both emotions look really good. And both of them make a connection with your partner who feels exciting and enjoyable. But for all their similarities, they certainly are not the same. When it comes to lust vs. love, then you should know some things.

It is important to know the difference, especially at the beginning of relations. It is easy to get caught in the main emotions of a new love interest, and mistake your initial feelings of lust for love. Want to know how to tell the difference?

Here are 12 things that help you tell if it’s lust vs love:

1.How Perfect You Think about Your Partner is.

If you are in lust: you feel that your partner is right. You feel that there is nothing wrong with them. Everything about them is bright, bright, and new. They can not really do anything wrong in your eyes because the pedestals you give them are huge.

If you know you are in love: you know that your partner is not right – and you choose to love them and choose to live with them anyway. In fact, this is your partner’s imperfections which you like most. You know that you are not right, so you value the flaws of your partner and welcome it.


If you are in lust: You prepare your sweetie every time because you have a huge physical attraction for each other. You are confused with seeing them as best because you still feel that you need to impress and woo them.

If you are in love: you wear sweatpants and no make-up You do not care how you look in front of your partner because you know that they like you real and care-whether you are wearing a bold lips or a wet cream. The level of comfort with each other is strong.

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