9 Secrets About Women Every Man Should Know Before Dating

1. What Secrets women want to hear?

Secrets If you have a misconception that whatever you advice to women Secrets she will consider it and will follow it. A women will ask for advice from hundreds of people but will follow that one advice she wanted to hear. So study your women precisely and say her what she want to hear. You can surely win her this way. Try this!

2. Understanding

Its a no big deal for a women to understand what their men want, Secrets what are their expectations, what are the needs but when it comes to guys to understand women they remain clueless. If some author starts writing book on how to understand a women then there will be no ending as women are such beautiful god’s creation which are totally unpredictable. You can predict what they will do next in next second.

3. Their body language speaks a-lot

A women can lie and fake out on your face but if you know how to study a women’s body language you may get the answer of lots of question without even asking Secrets.

4. Epic truth
Women have a great story telling skills.Secrets If they start narrating story/incident about any specific thing, it includes 5-10 other irrelevant stories in it.
For example: Checkout the scripts of television queen Ekta Kapoor. No one can give her competition in writing stories and sub-stories of it.
5. Mood Swings
If you think that only pregnant women have this mood swings symptoms then you are totally wrong. Do you know that scientist have discovered that every second women change their mind.
For ex: Girl go to mall to buy a bag and ends up buying clothes or any other accessories. They just dropped the plan of buying bag at last moment.Secrets  This is a part of mood swings.
6. Woman’s bathroom

A woman’s bathroom is nothing less than a small beauty parlor. They have so many varieties of soaps, face wash, shampoo and conditioner that they can supply to their nearby stores. One can find their mascaras to nail paint in woman’s bathroom.

7. You can’t win any argument though you are right

A men need a logical point to have an argument. There has to be something big, then only men takes any initiative to discuss. But any discussion with a women is an argument and no man on this planet has ever won while arguing with women. The moment you start arguing with a woman she will dig you past is such a way and start comparing the current situation to it that men are left with no option but to quit.

8. 50 Shades of Pink

For men PINK is only one color but girls will introduce you to 50 different shades of pink.

9. Code-words war!

You girl go mad at you when you don’t follow to what she say but they go double mad when you follow what she said. There should be a dictionary to decode what actually wanna convey to you. If you have more points to add into this list, write them below in comment section. Stay tuned with us for more featured stories.

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