6 Mens Secrets They Don’t Want To Tell Her Girlfriend

Mens Secrets

Mens Secrets If girls are called as ‘ocean of secrets’ then guys can be considered as at-least ‘Lake of secrets’. They don’t have layers but there exist few things in life that they want to keep it secret. Presenting you such 6 things about guys that they never or rarely open up. Read full story to know what are they:

1. Bad Habits

Mens SecretsGuys generally don’t like talk their bad habits like not taking baths, smoking, drinking alcohol etc because our society have mentality of judging people as per their bad habits though they are full package of good habits too.

2. Checking out other girls

That is an involuntary process in guys which can’t be controlled. It’s in their nature, and it can’t be avoided. The term checking out is not always in a wrong way, they adore the beauty around them. Though sometimes they are caught checking out other girls, they will never admit doing so. They will come up with very convincing excuse on the spot.

3. Fear factor and insecurities


What if guy is afraid of height. its not a big deal. But guys doesn’t like to open up about their fear factor as they don’t want anyone to make fun of his fear and consider him weak as such things hurt the male ego. He obviously can’t compromise with his ‘hero’ image in society Mens Secrets.
Guys also have some insecurities, jealousy but they never open up. They don’t like to reveal their weak points which will them feel vulnerable though they expect emotional support to overcome such issues.

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