10 Odd Things Restricted Around the World For No Reason

Odd Things

Presenting you theory of such 10 weird things which is prohibited around the world. Read full story to know what are they! Odd Things

1. You are not allowed to eat biscuits on Christmas

According to Cromwell’s law one is not suppose to eat sweet buns and biscuit on Christmas. Odd Things This law was imposed by Oliver Cromwell  in the year 1644 who restricted everyone from celebrating Christmas because he considered it immoral. This law is not abolished yet and hence whosoever eat sweet buns and biscuit on Christmas can be called ‘A Criminal’.

2. Prohibition on touching whales

As per the United Kingdom law, any whales,Odd Things  dolphins or any other sea mammals found in the 3-mile radius of the UK are considered to be queen’s property. Hence one is not suppose to touch them and hunting is considered as a serious crime


3. It is illegal to rescue the drowning one
Eastern philosophy states that it is immoral move if someone is tampering with someone’s fate. As per this philosophy there is a law in China that one should not rescue the drowning person. In other worlds Odd Things  if someone is destined to die by drowning then other person should not do any tampering with their fate.

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